ASRF Street Rodder News

Street Rodder News magazine is published by Drive Publishing Pty Ltd under the direction of the secretary and National Control Council of the ASRF.

Street Rodder News is a full colour, A5 size magazine, published four times per year and distributed to over 9,500 ASRF members throughout Australia.

ASRF Street Rodder News Magazine enquiries and material may be directed to:
Ph. 07 3287 7686

Australian Street Rod Federation enquiries should be directed to:
Ph 07 5576 2100


ASRF Drive Shannons


The ASRF was formed in 1968 as the national control body of Australian Street Rodding. Federation members constitute the vast majority of street rodders in Australia and the ASRF is recognised as the sports regulatory body by the transport authorities in each State.

Each state has a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) which assists members on the construction and registration of their vehicles. Members of the TAC can be contacted through your respective ASRF State Divisional Council or the National Office.

The Federation aims to assist new members to build and register their own vehicle. One of our objectives is to establish a National Registration Scheme whereby cars can be registered and sold in any State or Territory of Australia.


ASRF membership entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Access to the Technical Advisory Committee in your state to assist in the construction and registration of your street rod.
  • Access to comprehensive insurance for your street rod for its greater value and for a cheaper premium.
  • Annual subscription to Street Rodder News, the ASRF’s quarterley full colour publication.
  • Discounts and benefits from businesses who participate in the ASRF Member Discount Scheme.
  • Representation at State and Federal Government levels to ensure that politicians and bureaucrats don’t introduce laws that restrict our sport.
  • Opportunity to attend Street Rod Nationals and Street Rod Runs organised by people with a similar interest in street rodding and customs.


Simply contact the ASRF National Secretary on ph 07 5564 0632, fax 07 5528 1709, or email for the current schedule of rates, then simply complete the application and post it to:

Australian Street Rod Federation

PO Box 2569, Burleigh BC, QLD, 4220.
Ph 07 5576 2100
Fax 07 5576 2344